An analysis of the rap song aquemini by outkast

an analysis of the rap song aquemini by outkast Aquemini is the third studio album by american hip hop duo outkast, released on september 1998 through laface records the title is a portmanteau of the.

Outkast (stylized as outkast) is an american hip hop duo formed in 1991, in east point, atlanta, georgia, composed of atlanta-based rappers andré andré 3000 benjamin (formerly known as dré) and antwan big boi patton[1. The best album by outkast is aquemini which is ranked number 325 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 8,493 outkast is ranked number 138 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 24,118. The chorus for this song is catchy and it is pretty good, from outkast, a great group of rappers the best chorus and the best beats, very catchy and is one of there best songs you can still here the old school but is still very modern, of course this is the most underrated song of outkast. Outkast was well established on the rap scene and had charted a few modest hot 100 hits, but ms jackson brought them to the ears of listeners well outside of hip-hop the tender, hooky song proved palatable to pop radio, and went to #1 in america.

Outkast's rosa parks lyrics explained the lead single off of 1998's aquemini, rosa parks may not have been their most successful single, but it more than established outkast's. World-wise, wary, alien and earthy, aquemini is the quintessential outkast album, coming at a time when fans of their 1994 debut, southernplaylisticadillacmusic and their outstanding, space-age sophomore 1996 effort, atliens, were confused and concerned about big and dre's standing as artists and friends. Outkast created their own zodiac sign, a combination of aquarius (big boi) and gemini (andré 3000), for their iconic third studio album, aquemini the combination of two air signs could be. Grammy award for best song by a rap duo or group, national academy of recording arts and sciences, 2001, for ms jackson, and best rap album of the year, 2001, for stankonia grammy awards for album of the year, best rap album of the year, 2003, for speakerboxxx/the love below, and best urban/alternative performance, 2003, for hey ya.

General commentthis song is very goodi have always thought of outkast as a weel-rounded, very original rap duo, from their selection of beats & rhythms, lyrical content, even clothing. Outkast's third album aquemini also reached the #2 position on the charts its title was a combination of the zodiac signs for big boi (an aquarius) and andré (a gemini) the album was widely praised as an innovative, unique and refreshing album full of hip hop with a progressive vision, both artistic and musically. Outkast evolved past the expected modes of black expression on aquemini, an amalgamation of two divergent images, one more abstract (andré) and the other historical (big boi) on this album, the.

Even though lose yourself is his best song, there is no doubt that this verse is just amazing always and will be the best rap verse of all time this verse is great, but it's not amazing the flow and lyrics are a bit off at some points, where as other verses in this song are a bit more on beat. Film analysis essay writing can be an analysis of the rap song aquemini by outkast so exciting learn our top 20 tips to create an outstanding movie review an introduction to the analysis of horror that will wow your professor. Outkast, aquemini the atlanta duo's third album is full of party tracks that are hybrids of reggae and southern stoner funkiness that make your eyes glassy just looking at the cover they had bigger hits later, but tracks like skew it on the bar-b are more about partying in the street than the club. Spottieottiedopaliscious, by outkast from the album aquemini this song has a contagious horn hook and samples from good times because it is outkast it has some amazingly creative lyricsparticularly in the later verses of the song. The outright rap songs on here sound good, but this album is definitely not for a mainstream audience which is funny, considering how many copies of stankonia flew off store shelves definitely not the best work from the duo: that would be either atliens or aquemini , depending on your preference.

Aquemini (1998) rosa parks is among the greatest rap songs of all time the record epitomizes outkast as a duo: forward-thinking country funk with a nod to the past. Hip hop rap gold hip-hop legends outkast old school hip hop old school rap big boi andre 3000 green and red old but gold music rap hip hop culture old school music hip hop hip hop is life hip hop duo find this pin and more on music legends by kurious kat. Aquemini pushes into the spaces between, the rivers of stories and scenes that flow through our lives, past and future indeed, the south's got something to say, tales rarely told better than this one told by outkast. 23 ghetto musick andre 3000 doesn't rap in ghetto musick, but his fingerprints are all over the track from the high octane instrumental to the ballad-like bridge, there is no question that this song, which appeared on big boi's half of the group's 2003 double album, is a true outkast song.

An analysis of the rap song aquemini by outkast

The song, which outkast maintained was intended partly as homage, refers to parks metaphorically: the purpose of the song's chorus is to imply that outkast is overturning hip hop's old order, that people should make way for a new style and sound. Aquemini, an album by outkast released september 29, 1998 on laface (catalog no 73008-26053-2 cd) genres: southern hip hop, conscious hip hop rated #4 in the best albums of 1998, and #148 in the greatest all-time album chart (according to rym users. Coincidentally, you may die and hold on, be strong my favorite songs on atliens and aquemini, respectively where will you be is better than either of them though, lol i understand that you're saying that cl and outkast have very similar sounds, but i can't bring myself to say that's true across the board. For most early 2000s babies, outkast evokes an earlier era of rap old enough to never have been one of our collective phases at school but recent enough to make us feel nostalgic.

For me, west coast music is probably my favorite subgenre of rap that's why i love to focus on it continue reading rap analysis article - every kendrick/dr dre/nwa/game reference to compton. Keywords: corpus studies, rap music, flow, t-mo goodie, outkast t his article uses methods of corpus studies to address questions of creative practice in rap music, specifically how the material of the rapping voice—what emcees, hip-hop heads, and scholars call the. Outkast doesn't disappoint, delivering the title track, aquemeni from there, you get a number of solid tracks (such as big boi's biography in west savannah) before you get to what i believe is one of the most underrated songs in hip-hop - da art of storytellin' pt 1.

Outkast skipped a generation and rapped this song to the mamas of baby-mamas among the gems: your grandchild is a baby, not a paycheck and forever never seems that long until you're grown. Many of the lyrics in the song ''rosa parks'' by outkast, a rap group, are not words generally associated with mrs parks in the song named after the woman whose refusal to move to the back of a. Album filler: west savannah on aquemini, while not a bad song at all, was a leftover from the first album and was included for the sake of being included it was probably a service to fans who had asked about it since a small clip was used in the beginning of the benz or a beamer video in 1995.

an analysis of the rap song aquemini by outkast Aquemini is the third studio album by american hip hop duo outkast, released on september 1998 through laface records the title is a portmanteau of the. an analysis of the rap song aquemini by outkast Aquemini is the third studio album by american hip hop duo outkast, released on september 1998 through laface records the title is a portmanteau of the.
An analysis of the rap song aquemini by outkast
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